Yesterday we were driven 2 hours west of Ningbo to our friend’s, Mary, John, and their son, Sky’s village.

Their parent’s home in the village of Xin Chang was in the traditional style set back in gorgeous mountains.

The old ways of cooking are still used with this awesome,      

giant wok. The heat source is underneath and is fed by wood

chips as magical creations come out.

The creation by John’s Mom on the right was home made noodles

with vegetables, and the choice to add dried fish and grilled sprouts.

We also dined on crepe-like wraps stuffed with grilled mushrooms

and bok choy.  So healthy and scrumptious!

Did you ever know where chestnuts come from?

They are found inside a prickly outer shell and picked from the trees that are plentiful in this area.

Want one?

After roasting, they are tasty!

After a full belly, we started our hike up the mountain, the weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

A great group, warm and open Chinese friends, and a beautiful ride back into the city with new friends, (on left) Sado, Turkish and Rachael, from Hunan speaks great English. To the right, Mary (big sunglasses) was our host, the rest of the groups are friends, co-workers and the sister-in-law of Mary.