Today was a wandering bike trip to the northern area of Ningbo to check out a lake called Ri Hu, Sun Lake.

You can see the multiple bridges that cross the main part of the city.

They are all very cool suspension bridges.

The one in the background is called the “Lao Wai Tan” bridge, or the “Foreigner” bridge.

It was constructed on purpose to lean to the right in that stylized way.

Hey, it is China’s way to say we can be innovative, though I’m sure a copy exists somewhere in the world…

We are pulling for The Giants who are close to clenching the title and will move into the playoffs! Go Giants!!

I salute all those that represent the past and salute the future! Notice the difference between old world and new world….

We arrive to Sun Lake, a little oasis and escape in the middle of the city.

There are gorgeous wooden raised pathways, a multitude of small alcoves of water ways, and brides all over the place.

Yesterday was China’s National Day so this weekend is like the 4th of July weekend. It is a very lucky time to get married and in such a beautiful place…

We are off to see more beautiful lakes on another bike trip tomorrow!