Yesterday will go down in history as the longest and dustiest bike ride I have ever been on.

We ventured to Dongqian Lake, where “the air smells sweet” and you can “have much tranquil leisure time.” It was gorgeous, set into the mountains that begin just south of Ningbo….

…though the serenity wasn’t up to what we were looking for. Dongqian Lake is huge and going on a holiday Sunday the amount of people were comparably huge. Not that there are swarms of people, but the amount of traffic and riding next to blaring bus horns, wasn’t the experience we wanted. The nice peninsula you can see from the photo, above right, is actually a highway. So, if we do return, probably by bus this time, we will try to find the path less traveled.

The way back we were able to take a road that was less traveled and got some great local scenery.

Though we were totally wiped out!Our trusty bikes didn’t let us down and got us back home safely. 

The only thing motivating us along the ride were the tasty treats awaiting us along “backstreet.”

Almost 5 hours of riding bikes definitely works up an appetite!

Hmmmm, Hambao…stay tuned!