The perfect fall weather has brought the need to eat outside into full effect.

What better way to dine outside than with friends at Janet’s Joint (a friend owns a coffee shop/lounge bar) who cooked up a great meal last night. Crab is in season and we tried 4 different ways of prepared fish. Next Monday we will hold a cook off! Everyone had to draw for a dish to cook.

Part of backstreet at night, it goes on for a whole block!

The best way to get a very tasty, quick, and cheap fix is to meander over to “backstreet” as the students call it.

This street is jam packed with local favorites.

Located along the local University, it is frequented often and there is never a dull moment or anything left cold.

The “backstreet” has easily become one of our local favorites and provided us with much needed sustenance after our long bike ride the other day….

Here at dusk, boiling pots of broth custom made to your liking are awaiting.

These ceramic pots are filled with noodles, vegetables, and your choice of meat.

The infamous Hambao!

One of my favorites is the Chinese hamburger or “hambao.” Here you can see they are biscuits filled with egg, ham, and spicy sauce. They are great right away or re-heated for breakfast! If not just the experience of having such convenient access to great food; the people that serve it up are smiling and always ready for a laugh. This guy we were entertaining is rolling up mung beans with spices and shredded meat in a crepe-style wrap.

Smiling Street Chef with Stuffed Crepes

There are countless yummy treats.

Though I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the stuffed meat sandwich, see picture below.

The meat has been seasoning all day, it is juicy and just the right amount of spice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without fresh made bread being made right there!

She’s stuffing it full of vegetables….

This jam packed sandwich will set you back about 50 U.S. cents!

….did I make you hungry yet?!

Chinese street food, where in good weather the street is the perfect dining table.