This beautiful place is named Moon Lake, or “Yue Hu” and was named after the Ming Dynasty emperor gave Ningbo it’s name. It is a tranquil area right in the middle of the city, so lush and gorgeous.

This old building has been partially renovated and is now home to The Lake House restaurant.

We are much more interested in eating locally, as you have seen, so haven’t splurged at this place yet. Though, when the funds roll in more it will be time for a romantic dinner here. The seats are all plush white leather couches and I’ve heard, a great Thai Beef Salad.

Here, looking back at The Lake House (far left) and this very well kept hold residence, now turned temple, behind me.

Earlier, I had wandered inside one of entrances in the building on the right, to find an open courtyard with two picnic tables and natural light filtering in from the glass covering above. What a great study spot! I got comfortable and then a woman popped out of the office next to me wanting to chat, as most Chinese do when they see a “Wai Guo Ren,” foreigner. She brought out a book to me and some hot water, so accommodating! I just stopped to read Chinese on a bench, really, the Chinese are so hospitable. Even more so when I got up to leave and give back her book when she said, “it’s a gift. This is what we publish here.” So, I received my first Chinese book today!

An afternoon at Moon Lake consists of strolling along one of the various bridges…

…or taking a nap lake side, while the local cleaner (in blue) strolls by.

This gorgeous greenery in front is Lotus Root. The roots are a local favorite, often stir fried up with some great spices.

Enjoy the tranquility…