Now that we are able to be more mobile with our bikes…we can explore more areas near us for study spots.

Not bad for US$75 each. They have great shocks, tires, and are great for carrying the groceries back from the market. This is an area about a 10 minute ride south east of our apartment.

Let the studying commence! Reading the book isn’t the hard part…

…but writing characters grammatically correct can make me crazy!

We enjoyed this small oasis with someone behind us washing their laundry in this lake, a beautiful white crane nearby, and the traffic noise of the city well buffered.

We are doing very well at applying the new vocabulary and grammar points into daily life. We often speak Chinese to each other and of course entertain the locals that are so amazed that we can say more than “how are you.”

Let more Chinese language study commence!

Another beautiful and interesting day in The Middle Kingdom.