There is an expat magazine in Ningbo, “The Ningbo Guide” that is published monthly.

This month’s story focused on a beautiful temple about an hour drive East of the city center. It’s on the bucket list.

In the magazine, there are always outtakes of what is happening in our little community of about 300 foreigners in a total city area of about 8 million population. We are far and few in between and represent cultures from around the world. Our Chinese language class consists of three other students from Lebanon, Sweden, and Chile.

Here we are taking part in a Moon Cake Celebration at our Chinese language school, Beyond Mandarin.

Activities included paper cutting, Beijing opera mask creating, and noodle making.

You need to click on the image to see the full picture. We are on the right.

You can guess what Jason got his hands into, making homemade noodles!

I went for the artsy project of creating a mask, that’s me hiding behind the example masterpiece!