The past couple of weeks I have been touring various factories to negotiate programs for some US vendors.

The journey began when a contact came from the states and I toured around with him, then an International Fashion Fair was here in Ningbo where I networked with local and international vendors.
The next two weeks I have been on various visits, dinners, and lunches and have a much better idea of the market potential here.
The main issue is the crazy fluctuations in commodities lately, cotton prices are so unstable that it’s been hard do get price quotes from some people.

Such is life…take what you can get.
Professional contacts are building and I’ll keep this momentum going!
Hope all is going well with your professional lives!

I need to get caught up on Halloween and other hanging out events, will do later next week as we will be in Shanghai day after tomorrow.
My Aunt Karen and Uncle Lorin are visiting, yippee!!