We have these awesome noodle restaurants we call “Muslim Noodles” because the people who own them are from the Northwest Muslim Uiger region of China. 

The use a lot of cumin and a blend of different spices in their tasty dishes. 
All the noodles are hand made and made to order.  
A big bowl of noodles with lamb and grilled vegetables in a cumin-soy sauce blend with a side bowl of soup with cilantro will cost you about US$1.25.

So I’m waiting for my lunch to go order at the noodle place by work, the sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous afternoon. Grandpa is out on the side walk chopping bok choy to prepare it for the evening rush. As he finishes, the grandson decides he wants to help. 
Instead of taking the knife away from the 3 year old, grandpa saunters off to check on the soup wil grandma let’s the foreigner take a picture of this little helper. 
Grandma then leaves little helper to play with the butcher kni

I’ve seen a lot of kids pampered in China, but if you grow up in a restaurant household sometimes your toy may be a butcher knife…