After feeling we had conquered part of Yellow Mountain by managing not to get pushed off the path by the crowds, with shaky legs we retreated back to our refuge.

We stayed at the base of the mountain in this little mountain town, along a small river.
Our refuge was a big rock along the river side park where we could escape and enjoy a beer. Some local girls found us interesting and we had a great time hanging out with them.

The people of Huangshan were helpful and accommodating, the famous tea was great and we had awesome, seasonal food the whole time.

Someday it would be great to return, in the off season, and really experience the mountain by staying on top. Seeing the sunrise over the sea of clouds and majestic peaks is a visionary quest you may want to try someday. For this, you need to camp or stay at one of the hotels on the mountain. Definitely avoid the peak weekends if you can!

The wonders of China never cease to amaze us.