In China, the habit of private doctors and general physicians are essentially non-existent unless you want to pay up the nose, sound familiar?

Though, the public hospital system is efficient, though crowded, its mostly effective for catering to the needs of the masses.
They have a digital and written cataloguing system. When you first arrive to the hospital you receive a booklet that documents your hospital history with doctors illegible notes and a digital card that is swiped every time your status needs to be updated.
If only we had the communist foresight in the U.S. when the medical field was being established.
There are certain perks to this method of running a country.



After the traditional medicine clinic, and fighting my way to be the next to be serviced by the over burdened doctor; I was recommended for a chest x-ray.
It ended up being a waste of time, but hey, now I have a blog post to write about!





There’s nothing like being eaten by mosquitos and purposely not trying to notice the cleanliness of a hospital when you feel horrible.
Luckily I am feeling back to my normal, energetic self! Yeah!!