White Water Rafting in China? Oh yeah!

My Chinese co-workers organized a rafting day trip about 1.5 hours gorgeous drive from Ningbo.
I have to say I was a little apprehensive at first as Chinese usually don’t have the same sense of adventure and intrigue that I do. Meaning, I thought it would be more of a floating trip.

I was pleasantly surprised to experience some real white water.
Though it was more like floating in the sense that they didn’t want you to sit on the edge and actually paddle, instead it was more like bumper rafting as you went into free spin and rock bouncing on your way down.

We had a blast, water fighting and laughing all the way down, ya hoo!!







The beautiful scenery, villages, and tea farms on the way there and back were spectacular.
Despite the road being a bit harry…it’s all about the adventure!










4 Replies to “White Water Rafting in China? Oh yeah!”

  1. My goodness, where IS this? I must check it out for myself! I’m in Shanghai right now, so maybe I’m not incomprehensibly far?

    I linked to you from my blog. I like your pictures. Looks like you’re having a blast! I hope to get have as much adventure as you have!

    1. In Chinese the place is called, 李家坑,奉化, Fenghua.
      This is a day trip about 1 hour drive south west from Ningbo.
      You could take a weekend trip here and stay in the area, would need to travel to Ningbo, then get with a charted tour group bus that includes your tickets as we did to get a good deal.

      Thanks for linking uo with me, carpe diem!

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