We have been celebrating our wedding anniversary of 5 wonderful, adventurous years for the past 5 days with great eats and a couple mini adventures.

The real fun comes at the end of the month when our 9 day vacation takes us to a far away unexplored area of China. It’s Jason’s turn to surprise me so I can’t wait to see where we are going!!
These last few days have been spent talking about our favorite memories and thinking ahead to future dreams we will someday bring to fruition. All this talk of love and our journey together was discussed over many a meal, as you’ll see…

The morning of our anniversary included eating a local breakfast of tofu soup, fried bread, steamed bread, and hard boiled eggs. Local breakfast for two, will set you back about 85 cents.




That night was a curry feast with coconut rice that went great with the half bottle of La Crema Chardonnay sent by my amazing Mom!



Sunday night (the beginning of our weekend) was a gastronomic treat by chef J.
Yes, you can eat amazing western food in China if you know what you are doing. Oh, and your Mom sends you Aborio rice, dried porchini mushrooms, and truffle infused olive oil…so spoiled!
Steak with caramelized onions and mushroom sauce paired with the last bottle of wine carried back from the South West of France and it doesn’t get much better than this!



Last night was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and we had a great evening of cooking home made dumplings, playing under the moon, and jamming to live music.
More on those festivities to come in a later post…

Tonight was a treat at a local restaurant with old world style ambiance and food influenced from Yunnan province, called Ashmina in the west downtown Ningbo area. The owner is an artist, specifically an interior decorator by trade, so overall a very cool converted home from the 17th century.
The only unexpected touch was the American cowboy music playing all night. Yunnan is known as the wild west of China with a cowboy style cultural reference so there you go.
It was a very cool setting with delicious food for our anniversary dinner out!




After all this gorging and celebration of love, I’m exhausted!
Good night, Bon nuit, 晚安!