Bathroom Remodel; Where’s the Leak in the Shower?

We have been trying to get the contractors of our apartment complex to fix our leaky window in the bedroom.

After unsuccessfully just patching it over; they come back yet again to realize, oh we need to actually address the problem from the outside!

This time instead of coming back to work on the window, they decide the standing water that is seeping through the wall of the bathroom is more important.

Thus our tiles were ripped up and we were without a bathroom sink and shower for three days.



Why reset the sealant in the shower? I guess for extra measure, who knows! There are many unanswered questions often lost in translation…c’est la vie, 这是生活!


One Reply to “Bathroom Remodel; Where’s the Leak in the Shower?”

  1. Hey Courtney!! Remember me? We met at a NFLG luncheon in June I think… I came accross your blog ages ago but only recently put two and two together (doh!)… hope to see you at the next luncheon or maybe stirring up Laowaitan, haha! Mira

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