Mid Autumn Festival Celebration! Moon Aapreciation

The tradition of honoring the moon goes back to the dawn of time.
Here in China the moon rules the way of life in many ways, having it’s own calendar and always being honored.

This time of year is the most important time for eating moon cakes.
These beautiful creations come in gorgeous packaging and during this time of year it’s hard to go without eating at least 10 – 20 different kinds. Each one has a different flavor filling, from green bean, peach, blueberry, to egg and meat, they are thick and dense like the moon and I love them.


After enjoying our cakes, Susie sang a beautiful song from a classic Li Bai poem.
You have a beautiful voice Susie!

Then, it was to the roof to gaze and try to catch the bright orb in the sky!





We finished the festival in town listening to our friend Noel giving a live performance at The Londoner pub. You have got to get up on stage of course!



This time to sing American Pie.
Great job Noel! We’ll miss you when you move.

DK and Susie with Court


Ryan and Teti with J


Happy Mid Autumn festival!


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