Bao guo si, 报国寺,Wooden Temple



A beautiful beginning fall day must be enjoyed outside of the city.
That’s what my new friends, Kirk, Steph, and I decided to do last week.

We set off from downtown Ningbo, Lao Wai Tan via bus 332.
30 minutes later you are in the the northern part of the Ningbo, Jaingbei scenic zone.

I definitely recommend taking a morning or a day to chill out at this ancient wooden temple.
The best route after you get through the entrance and past the immortal bridge is to head right.
Hike up the mountain side to a small pagoda style rest area that looks down over the neighborhood and large new temple below.



A little ode to the San Francisco Tassajara Zen Center.

Keep climbing up, not to mind the no admittance signs…
Or head left along a path that leads you to the temple in the center of the small mountain.
Here you will be greeted by friendly turtles, gorgeous dragon flies and koi.

Then, you can enter the all wooden well preserved temple and read all about it in the well translated signs and museum. If you are into architecture, this is an amazing feat of human accomplishment.







After a picnic on the temple grounds, you can check out the bell and drum towers.
Make sure you have a little extra kuai on you for the privilege to hit these structures.
The ancient bell is definitely not to be missed.


Then you must do some glamour, lost in reflection shots before departing.





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