Christmas day this year included working, but the weekend festivities were full of good times!

Friday night we went out to a Dongbei (North Eastern Chinese cuisine) with friends and co-workers, Steff and Kirk.

Saturday night, Christmas Eve, was free buffet dinner at the Office Bar. Thank you Thane and Office Bar staff for putting on such an awesome spread and working your buns off for us. It was lively, festive and a great time! Dinner included succulent ham, roast beef, salad, corn, and yummy Chilean wine. It doesn’t  compare to Mom’s prime rib and Yorkshire pudding of course, but satisfied the soul!

Christmas Day Eve, Jason and I enjoyed attending a Christmas concert with beautiful singing at the downtown Catholic Church. The big square in town was lively with a giant purple Christmas tree and we ate handi-cakes and drank German beer walking around downtown.

The real Christmas festivities were on Monday with a wonderful morning spent making French toast breakfast and Skyping all day long with family and friends. We started talking to family at 8:00am until 2:00pm straight!

Then, Adam and Chris opened their home up to us for a Christmas potluck. I spent the morning baking a cake, oh yeah, it was awesome!

The festivities included many good foods, classic movies, and a white elephant gift exchange! I made out with a neck and back pillow massager!

It’s of course hard to be away from the one’s we love and I was especially homesick this year. If life plans come together, we will be back in the states next Christmas!

Check out our busy party time below and Happy New Year!

White elephant! Which gift would you choose?
Me in my robe getting into the mulled wine!White elephant, which gift would you choose?
My masterpeice with a chocoloate house and pokey trees!
The beginning of the potluck spread. Included home made chili and J's vegetable curry.