Travel a little over an hour south of Ningbo to find the Ninghai river gorge.

The area in Chinese: Ningbo Tianhe Sheng Tai Feng Jingqu 宁波天河生态风景区

The water is crystal clear and you feel lightyears away from downtown Ningbo.

How to get there:

Take the fast train from Ningbo to Ninghai, only 20 minutes. Then hire a waiting driver at the train station to take you there and wait to take you back for about 50-75rmb per person (if you have at least 2 people).

There is also a local bus or taxi option, though if your time is constrained; a private driver is best.

We were lucky enough to be accompanied by the wonderful camaraderie of our British buddies, Kirk and Steff. The day was blessed by amazing weather, couldn’t have been better! When you arrive and pay your 85rmb entrance fee you are greeted by the beautiful view over the reservoir. Make your way down to the single dock and board a frequent boat to the hiking trail head.

The hiking route is well maintained along the river, though don’t try to take a dip in the water unless you want a scolding from the “lifeguards.” The scenery and easy hiking is definitely worth the trip!

If you arrive early and have all day, keep on trekking as far as you can go to the little “village” that apparently a lot of people like to party in…

Why wait? Go now!