The main reason for my long hiatus from making a post has been the extreme sport of preparing for the Chinese language proficiency exam, the HSK. The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, 汉语水平考试,or standard Chinese level exam, is a government standard administered test for foreigners studying this complex language.

Poor Jason did not see me for a few months as I buried my head into my practice test textbook or disappeared to the neighborhood coffee shop to study for 3-4 hours at a time. It all payed off though, on May 20th, I passed the fourth level! This is the equivalent of the level one should be at from 2 years of intense University study. There are six levels total.

I have yet to collect my certificate, though once ready, I will definitely update this post with my hard earned award.

Thank you to Jason and my family and friends for their strong support of my study efforts. I am really happy with the level I’ve achieved, though still have a lot more to learn. I’m having a great time along the journey, 当然!

If you are looking into taking the HSK or want more specifics, the official website is: