Departing China…for Now

At the new Kunming airport we say goodbye to the Middle Kingdom for now.

The first leg of our long journey took us to the majestic southwest province of Yunnan, China to bustling and colorful Bangkok, Thailand. In Bangkok we have some time to kill before heading to our surprise anniversary destination. Jason has yet to find out where it will be, he, he! Our 6th year wedding anniversary will consist of 6 full days exploring a new culture we have yet to experience.

Our Chinese experience has been an amazing two plus years of spiritual and professional development for me. Sharing the adventure with Jason, the love of my life, has made the journey that much more rewarding.

I know our journey will be filled with so much more and I know there are many things I will miss about China…until we are back again soon!

Cheers to all our awesome friends for creating spectacular, lasting memories. (Of course I am missing many people not in the following photos, but you know who you are). We love you!!








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