How to make a Taipei apartment your home. Before and after pics below!


First, get some love from home, lots of pillows due the trick. My awesome Mom bought me these gorgeous silk pillows that wish wealth and happiness to our home. It makes my bay window area classy and cozy, oh yeah!

Cruzan Living Room
Cruzan Living Room

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With whatever extra photos you have, make a cool wall collage!

photo (7)photo (11)

Warm up the extra room by making it an office.

photo (4)Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1 (6) Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1 (12) Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1

A smallish kitchen can have overflow out the door with the table that came with the place.

photo (6) photo (10)

This bathroom…not much you can do…but it works!

photo (5)

How far nice textiles can go!

photo (3) photo (9)

Tidying up the storage loft was easy, I can even stand up in there. There’s room enough to make this an extra ‘bedroom’ too! Then, there is the outside, the balcony on a cloudy day with fancy laundry apparatus…

Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1 (2)

Oh, what is this, steps upstairs?!

photo (8)

Why yes, hello sun and view, now it feels welcoming.

Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1 (3) Taipei Home, Anhe Rd, Sec 1 (13)

Even on a stormy night, there is always light!

So, there you are folks, it takes some effort, but well worth it for an awesome Taipei home. This is downtown too, no Asian shoebox we are living in, no way!

Come to Asia and see what greatness is in store.