The Yilan area is definitely getting to be one of my favorite places for a get away.

This trip I discovered a direct bus that in an hour drops you off in downtown hot spring town, Jiaoxi. Place your feet in the odorless free springs and enjoy chili ice cream from the Chili Hunters amazing array.

A walk to the local train and a few stops up north, you are on the black sand beach of Waiao. A surfing town with nothing to do but stare at the waves and enjoy the great company of the Rising Sun Inn or other little B&Bs on the small boardwalk.IMG_8169 IMG_8167 20140302_164150 IMG_817420140301_183210 20140301_183204 20140301_183125 20140301_182939 IMG_816620140301_145115 20140301_140519 20140301_140525 20140301_140314 IMG_8165 IMG_8164 IMG_8163 20140301_121339