Tonight we were invited by my co-worker Kevin who is a big baseball fan and a player himself. We have been wanting to attend a baseball game in Taiwan for the past year, but never got around to it. Until today, and it was well worth it. Thank you Kevin!

The stadium is about 1/4 of the size of an MLB stadium, but has enough lively entertainment going on to feel big and exciting. The whole ambiance was more like a college game, constant chanting and banging of hollow plastic batons together all choreographed  by the ‘cheer coach.’ The cheering was very specific to encouraging the players, feeling like a European soccer game. We were also in competition with the other side of the stadium, who represented fans of the rival team. There was even handing out of balloons that were all sent off whistling together.

Since this was the opening day and this year is the 25th year of national baseball in Taiwan, there was a special opening show. It consisted of dancing troops showing off their synchronized moves in a fun spirit of dance competition. Then, the air force did a spectacular formation presentation that even included some juggling of their bayonets!

All together an awesome time that made the 4 hour game go by quickly!IMG_8262

Kevin is decked out in his old favorite team’s jersey, the Dragons. His cousin joined us for the game.
The cheering coach standing up down in front flanked by model cheerleaders.

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