I have chosen the appropriate title for this post as this will definitely the fist of many visits to the amazing country that is Japan.

Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen. Awesome day for a bullet ride.
Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen. Awesome day for a bullet ride.

Japan, Nov 2014

Part I
Tokyo Area Weekend
Sat, Nov 8
Neighborhood home stay west of Tokyo, Masa & Jacqueline; Arigato!!
Yakitori grilling dinner, gift giving, and memory sharing
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Sun, Nov 9

Enoshima day trip
Local bus to train station
Walk/Run across bridge to Enoshima Island

IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1122

Go Asuna!!
Enter through shopping street to the shrine
IMG_1142 IMG_5787 IMG_5779 IMG_5778 IMG_1152 IMG_5797 20141109_130612 20141109_125604
Hike around island to perched restaurant with excellent view
Lunch of sashimi & mixed egg, vegetables & rice, yummy!!
IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1175 IMG_1167
IMG_1181 IMG_5836 20141109_160149
Girls light dinner and early to bed for school night
Masa, Jason and Me; out to a Yakatori dinner; beer & snacks
Snacks included whale, meatball-chickent meat collection on a stick,  Mentaiko, grilled rice ball
Good Times!!
Weekend #1, Success!!
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